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Latest COVID-19 Surge Hitting Ram Truck Production at Stellantis


...close contact quarantine, waiting on test results or other COVID-related absences to be as cautious as possible and keep the plants and our UAW members and families safe.”


The union noted its protocols call for self-reporting and quarantine for exposures in and out of the plant.


The situation puts extra stress on a company already dealing with extensive production issues connected to the global chip shortage. Four Stellantis plants in North America are currently shut down:


  • Warren Truck, north of Detroit---Ram 1500 Classic pickup
  • Belvidere Assembly in Illinois---Jeep Cherokee SUV
  • Windsor Assembly, in Ontario but near Detroit---Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid minivans
  • Toluca Assembly, west of Mexico City---Jeep Compass


The shutdown has now been extended for several plants. Belvidere, Windsor and Toluca are now scheduled to be down until the end of April. Warren Truck is to be down until the end of May, although the company said it "remains on track for the launch of the all new Grand Wagoneer."


The strategy has left other, high-margin plants operating.


Spokeswoman Shawn Morgan noted the company continues "to prioritize key products as we work to get through the situation."


Stellantis is far from alone in feeling the effects of the chip shortage. Automakers, including Ford and General Motors, have also been forced to grapple with the fallout, and have had their own production disruptions.


But with COVID-19 cases once again adding to the woes, Stellantis is facing new pressure because any production losses at SHAP affect one of the company's most profitable vehicles, the newer version of the Ram 1500.


We thank the Detroit Free Press for reprint permission. 


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