Wednesday, 10 February 2021 20:26

Milwaukee Sees 152% Car Theft Increase

Written by Steven Symes, Motorious
Milwaukee Sees 152% Car Theft Increase Facebook


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Motorious has been warning since early 2020 that car thefts were on the rise and, rather than being a temporary spike, things were going to get even worse.

We hoped the analysis was wrong, but here we are now with car thefts in quite a few cities at or near crisis levels. And authorities seem to be scrambling to figure out what can be done.


This is especially true in Milwaukee, WI, where so far this year car thefts are up 152%.


In one of the worst districts of Milwaukee, District 7, on the northwest side of the city, car thefts are up 219% compared to last year. Even more concerning is District 5, located on the city’s north side, where vehicle thefts have increased 259%.


All districts in the city have seen a significant increase in car thefts, so nowhere seems to be safe from the crime wave.


According to a local report, 808 vehicles had been stolen in Milwaukee as of Feb. 2. It should be quite a few more by the time you read this, because there’s no sign of the trend slowing.


Making matters even worse are the street takeovers in the city, which attract even more crime, including vehicle theft.


The local report also highlights how auto repair shops are incredibly busy since...

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