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KABA and NABA’s Collaborative Educational Series Continues with Five Additional Training Events

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...missing time(s), one time use parts defined by OEM and how to access all three estimating system P-Pages through the DEG website,” according to Adams.


“Parts Procurement” was covered Dec. 7 by Mike Merrifield, Woodhouse wholesale parts director. He discussed the “current climate with OEM parts price matching and how teaming up with your vendor can improve the process,” Adams recalled.


“Mike mentioned that a vendor may welcome the pressure of delivering a complete order in the beginning, rather than having it slowly trickle in over time, creating greater efficacies for both parties," Adams said. "Several parts platforms were covered, and he shared insight on what information needs to be exchanged to create an accurate estimate.”


On Dec. 14, Olson, founder and CEO of VECO Experts, reviewed “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP),” focusing on the importance of shops understanding and managing by their numbers. He also explored items that are included in the “cost of doing business.”


During each session, Adams and NABA Vice Chair James Rodis served as moderators, fielding questions from the audience.


“Attendees responded well to the information. We had several questions submitted and good engagement from the audience,” Adams noted. “The first two events in our educational series were successful! All of our presenters have exceeded our expectations, and we are looking forward to the next series of events."


Looking to the upcoming year, “our plan is to continue with two webinars each month,” Adams shared. “After the holiday break, we have scheduled two monthly webinars through March 2021. Upcoming 2021 speakers include Barrett Smith with ADE, Rivan, David Luehr with Elite, PPG and more.”


Additional information about KABA is available at kansasaba.com.

More information on NABA can be found at nebraskaautobody.com.


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