Thursday, 10 December 2020 19:33

COVID-19 Hits FCA Workers: 2 From Warren Truck, 1 From Sterling Heights Dead

Written by Eric D. Lawrence, Detroit Free Press


...is seeing this reflected in our workforce as well," the company said.


The UAW provided a statement about the situation through spokesman Brian Rothenberg:


"Our thoughts are with the families and coworkers during this very difficult time. It’s important that we all redouble our efforts to make sure we, our families and our co-workers follow protocols both at the worksite and outside of work."


The World Socialist website reported earlier on the deaths.


FCA was the hardest hit among the Detroit Three automakers during the initial months of the pandemic in terms of reported fatalities. After a production shutdown affecting all automakers ended in the spring, the companies went to great lengths to emphasize its safety and cleaning protocols, but in recent weeks, reports from concerned workers to the Free Press have been increasing.


The Free Press also spoke with the widow of the Sterling Heights worker on Dec. 8. Mark Bianchi, 56, of Shelby Township, died in November. He drove a Hi-Lo at the plant.


He came home from work Oct. 5, a Monday, and started showing symptoms, fever and congestion, according to his wife, Susan Bianchi. The next day, he went to the doctor, who thought he might have a sinus infection. The doctor, however, noted the coronavirus-like symptoms and warned Bianchi to be on watch for changes. That same day Susan started showing symptoms herself, such as a slight cough. 


By Oct. 11, Bianchi was at Beaumont Hospital, Troy. He was put on a ventilator at one point, and an hour after that...

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