Friday, 04 December 2020 11:24

Tesla Faces Sneaky House Bill Reversal in Michigan in Fight Over Sales and Service

Written by Joey Klender, Teslarati


...direct-to-consumer sales was introduced in October 2014 to “clarify and strengthen” an existing statute that prohibited direct sales of new cars to protect large dealers.


The January agreement would have allowed a subsidiary of the electric automaker, called Tesla Michigan, to operate and own service and repair facilities in the state. It would have been largely beneficial for owners who live in Michigan, and it would have allowed Tesla to sell vehicles in the heart of American automotive manufacturing.


Christine Grieg, House minority leader and a Democrat from Farmington Hills, attempted to offer a substitute to House Bill 6233 on Dec. 2 that was adopted before a second vote removed it. She believes the removal opens up the door for more legal conflict between Tesla and Michigan, ultimately leading to a loss of taxpayer dollars.


“It does not solve the problem that we have with the lawsuit with Tesla,” she said. “It opens up the state to additional litigation, which costs taxpayer dollars. And it also is a very anti-market approach to vehicle sales.”


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