Wednesday, 28 October 2020 16:21

Vehicle Service Group Announces Expansion of its Madison, IN, Facility


Vehicle Service Group (VSG) announced a $7 million expansion to its Madison, IN, operation.

The makeover will include a new paint line, improved manufacturing flow and greatly increased manufacturing capacity.


Founded in 1925, VSG began manufacturing in Madison nearly 70 years ago, building all of its Rotary Lift products under one roof. Since then, many additions, builds and layout changes have occurred to support the company’s growth, most notably the construction of the East Plant in the 1980s.


Now, to further enable global growth in its five core business segments, the original factory will receive a total state-of-the-art makeover.


“At a time when many related industries are contracting or looking for ways to outsource their products, we are excited to be planning for increased and enhanced manufacturing in our own facility,“ said Lee Sneed, vice president of global operations for VSG. “Simply put, to better care for our employees and keep pace with our planned growth, we must act to ensure we have the necessary processes and capacity in place to meet our future needs.”


The plans for expanding VSG’s West Plant coincide with the company’s commitment to provide enhanced safety for its workforce, improved efficiency in its operation, a more environmentally friendly footprint for the Jefferson County community and an overall better product experience for its customers. At the same time, increased capacity will support the long-term growth trajectory of the business.

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