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ASA Ohio Wraps Up First Year of CPL Meetings

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ASA Ohio held its third Collision Performance Leaders (CPL) Group meeting Sept. 29, wrapping up the group’s first year of sessions.

The final CPL meeting of 2020 was facilitated by Mike Anderson of Collision Advice and well-known attorney Erica Eversman.


“The meeting went very well, and it was very informative," said ASA Ohio President Matt Dougher. "These meetings offer a time for shop owners to discuss any burning issues that may be impacting their businesses, which provided shop owners with the opportunity to share similar experiences and solve issues impacting their businesses.


“Mike provided a great presentation on the state of the industry and what shop owners need to do to prepare for future changes in the industry. Erica delivered a fantastic presentation on the legal and regulatory issues facing the collision industry, and she also allowed time for a Q&A to assist shop owners who had any legal or regulatory concerns,” Dougher continued.


ASA Ohio’s CPL is a self-governed focus group that meets three times per year to allow collision repair shop owners and their staff to discuss common experiences and seek resolutions for their concerns.


“It also provides a great opportunity to network with other shop owners, which is lacking across the country in our industry,” Dougher noted.


The group met for the first time Feb. 6, and held a second meeting June 4. The Sept. 29 meeting was the final one of their start-up year.


ASA Ohio has already scheduled three meetings in 2021 with Anderson as the facilitator.

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