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Detroit Native Offers Keys to Finishing First on the Track or at the Shop


Prepare well. Go fast. Keep it in a straight line. Focus on the finish. And have the will to win.

Those words of wisdom have guided Chris Homrich throughout his career in racing in the O.S.D.R.A. (Outlaw, Snowmobile, Drag Racing Association) to podium finishes and big wins. 
That guidance has also steered him from a high school student who took auto shop classes to get his car painted to working in several Detroit-area collision repair facilities, to owning his own successful location, and ultimately joining the CARSTAR network as CARSTAR of Hamlin in 2018.
“Winning, whether on the track or in business, is all about determination and reliability,” said Homrich. “You have to have a will to win, and abide by the mantra that ‘I will never fail’. Then you have to back that with quality repair work and great customer service.”


After high school, Homrich worked in a number of high-end collision repair shops as a painter, then at an OEM painting parts, and then returned to the collision shop as a body tech. He founded his own collision repair facility in 2012.
“We were growing and doing good work, but I knew I needed the front office support if we were going to continue to succeed,” he said. “We joined CARSTAR in 2018, and have seen great benefits in terms of streamlining and improving our operating practices, increasing quality control and adding direct repair programs with insurance carriers, which we never had.”
Dealing with a Detroit Double-Whammy
While his business was growing as part of the CARSTAR family, the Detroit area delivered a one-two punch, first with the GM strike in August 2019, which kept thousands of workers at home and not on the roads, followed by the city being hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.
“We were just seeing the positive impact of the CARSTAR partnership when this hit,” Homrich said. “But they were great in providing support with vendors, getting us the PPE we needed and helping us navigate the federal loan program. We are coming back, and our sales are up 15 to 20%. I’m optimistic for the future, but we need to get people driving again.”

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