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MN Man’s 1959 El Camino Has a Chance to Be Turned Into a Hot Wheels Car

Written by John Wagner, County News Review
Chris Walker and his "Hulk Camino." Chris Walker and his "Hulk Camino." Submitted photo


“I’ve done that on a couple of cars, and people are telling me it’s my trademark now,” Walker said.


He first drove the Hulk Camino down the Las Vegas Strip on Easter Sunday of 2015---and that trip was not completely smooth.


“There was one time where the car stalled right in the middle of the intersection, and I had to push it to the shoulder and getting it running again,” Walker said. “But that’s what makes it memorable. When the car runs perfectly, you never remember. When it has issues, that’s what you never forget.”


Walker has continued to work on the Hulk Camino since that day, and this year he decided to enter it in the Hot Wheels competition.


But COVID-19 forced the competition online, and Walker’s creation won the inaugural virtual event held on May 16.


“The Hulkamino [checks] all the boxes & brought their A game,” Hot Wheels reps said on the Facebook page promoting the event, and Walker said he appreciated the support.


“People either love it or despise it,” he admitted. “So there is a little bit of validation. But isn’t that how life is? Some people despise what you’re doing, and some people like it. I’m here to live my life, and if I’m happy doing it my way, that’s all that matters. So I say thanks to the Hot Wheels Legends Tour for providing this opportunity.”


Walker also appreciates the support of his family, particularly his father, Wendell James “JW” Walker, who has passed away.


“I’ve struggled a lot with this career; I’ve earned a living, but I’m not rich or famous,” Chris Walker said. “My dad always had my back, telling me to keep going. He told me that, if I love what I’m doing, I should build what I want. I’m the one driving it, so I should make myself happy with what I make. If I win this, I don’t think it would be a tear-free win.”


Walker also thanked other members of his family, which includes his mother, Joyce Walker, and stepmother, Marry (CQ) Jane Walker, as well as brother, Jason Walker, and son, Shelby Walker.


“I want to thank my family, because they have always had my back,” Chris Walker said. “And I wouldn’t have brought my car to SEMA last year without the support of my girlfriend, Robin Hetchler. I didn’t think my car belonged there, and she pushed me to bring it there. It was a hit, and that’s what gave me the confidence to enter the Hot Wheels competition.”


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