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Friday, 22 May 2020 21:06

Kendall Performance & Repair on How Mentorship Has Helped as a Small Business Owner

Written by Paul Kobylensky, Input Fort Wayne
Kendall Riecken, left, owns Kendall Performance & Repair. Kendall Riecken, left, owns Kendall Performance & Repair.


SN: How was your mentor able to help you, and what is some of his advice that you’re putting into practice?


KR: Billy helped me with developing and growing the business plan. He helped me fine-tune the plan and make it realistic. He also helped me understand the numbers behind things.


He’s helped me understand a lot of the technical side of the business, cash-flow statements probably being the most significant single piece. Billy was able to help me fine-tune it all from the very beginning.


SN: Do you still interact with Billy?


KR: Yes. I call him, and he calls me every once in a while. We check on each other more or less. I actually did one of his cars for him.


SN: What advice would you give a new entrepreneur in these uncertain economic times?
KR: Right now is a very odd time to be in any industry. The trades are still booming regardless because everyone still needs their plumbers, truck drivers and mechanics. I feel very fortunate to have made the career choices I have made. People are still spending money like crazy; it's just a matter of studying the demographics and seeing where the money can be made.


For anyone else that is stuck at home, now is the perfect time to lay out any business ideas and start fine tune everything. When will you have more free time than right now? Start saving every penny and every nickel.


But above all, stay safe and stay healthy.

We thank Input Fort Wayne for reprint permission. 

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