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Friday, 22 May 2020 21:06

Kendall Performance & Repair on How Mentorship Has Helped as a Small Business Owner

Written by Paul Kobylensky, Input Fort Wayne
Kendall Riecken, left, owns Kendall Performance & Repair. Kendall Riecken, left, owns Kendall Performance & Repair.


SN: What are some ways you’ve had to adapt since closing your doors to new work?


KR: When the virus came out, I was slower because of the winter season. When the quarantine rumor hit, I started stocking up supplies. That’s about it.


I don’t see much foot traffic through my doors each week, so I’m not too concerned with people coming and going. I actually have less distraction. And with there not being much to do outside of work, I have been working longer hours and getting more accomplished. It may sound weird, but I don't completely mind this quarantine.


SN: Sounds like you’ve always been well prepared and business continues going great. Are you using this time to grow your business in any way?


KR: Yes. I haven't even needed to ask [my SCORE mentor] for advice because I am so busy. And with spring here, I expect detailing to pick back up. I'll be slammed in another few weeks. But I have been checking interest rates and have been considering taking out a loan to expand my building.


SN: Speaking of SCORE, how did you learn about them when you first started your company?


KR: I got an email from somebody at Ivy Tech. They gave me a quick synopsis of SCORE and told me that they would be available to mentor me through the competition. That started it. I got a call from [my SCORE mentor] Billy Mitchell, who said, “I want to help you win this thing, and I’ll do everything I can to help you.” It was like, “Okay. I guess I better get my butt moving.” (laughs)


After I hung up the phone, I felt like I had smoke coming out of my ears from all the info and knowledge he shared. It was pretty tremendous. It was a big motivation to have somebody on board. When you’re by yourself, if you fail, you’re the only person it affects. But when you have all the help in the world, if you fail, you’re letting down a lot more people.

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