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Tuesday, 07 April 2020 22:00

Everyday Heroes: Auto Body Shops Still Doing Business During Coronavirus Pandemic

Written by Chris Oberholtz and Savannah Rudicel, KCTV5 News

Typically, when you come into a shop like Hafkemeyer Motors in Kansas City, MO, mechanics will have grease on their hands.

But now, they’re trying to wash and sanitize more often to prevent the coronavirus from forcing them to close.


Business is down with fewer people on the roads and drivers pushing off repairs until after the stay at home order is lifted.


Hafkemeyer usually has six to eight service appointments per day. Now, they’re doing two to four.


Andy Scott, the owner of the specialty shop, says they’re limited to working on BMWs, Mercedes and Mini Coopers, but that does bring in loyal and frequent customers.


“It’s definitely a lot slower, especially for this time of year. It could be a lot worse though,” he said.


There’s still enough work right now for most of the mechanics to stay busy.


Scott says they want to stay open and things would have to get very slow before they would consider temporarily closing.


All this week, KCTV5 News is highlighting essential workers, or everyday heroes, who continue to keep much-needed businesses open.


We thank KCTV5 News for reprint permission. 

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