Wednesday, 11 March 2020 16:12

ASA Ohio Launches All New Collision Performance Leaders Group

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ASA Ohio was excited to welcome Mike Anderson of Collision Advice to its first CPL meeting. ASA Ohio was excited to welcome Mike Anderson of Collision Advice to its first CPL meeting. ASA Ohio

ASA Ohio launched its brand-new Collision Performance Leaders Group (CPL), Feb. 6 at Ohio Auto Kolor Training Center in Columbus, OH.

ASA Ohio Executive Director Matt Dougher said the event, facilitated by Mike Anderson of Collision Advice, went very well.


"Shop owners and their management teams were able to share valuable information to improve their business,” Dougher said.


The group began its inaugural meeting by discussing “burning issues,” where members were encouraged to share some of the issues, obstacles and challenges impacting their businesses, and their peers, along with Anderson, offered insights to assist them.


Anderson also led attendees in a discussion about which KPIs require the most attention in 2020, from the perspective of OEMs, insurers and consumers.


The group discussed administrative structures and staffing, as well as parts management best practices. They also learned how to use owner’s manuals to educate the consumer and increase capture rate.


By the end of the meeting, each CPL participant identified an alternate method to employ for specific process and established a 30-day goal to improve their shop’s processes.  

“Association-sponsored events are very important to the independent body shop industry because they provide a forum for small businesses to meet and discuss today’s industry challenges and solve those challenges to improve and to maintain profitability,” Dougher said.


“The Initial ASA Ohio Collision Performance Leaders Group exceeded all expectations, and the group is looking forward to our next meeting," Dougher said. "It was so successful that we are looking to expand to other markets in Ohio.”


ASA Ohio’s CPL Group will next meet June 4, and again Sept. 24.


For more information about the CPL, contact Dougher at 513-659-5324 or mdougher@asaohio.org.


For more information on ASA-OH and its events, visit asaohio.org.