Monday, 09 March 2020 15:34

OEM Repair Procedures Legislation Examined in MN


They said reliance on original vehicle manufacturer procedures would “stifle healthy competition”. They acknowledged the importance of recalibrating sensors through scans or other special tools but expressed concern about OEMs creating barriers to participation in the broader repair and service marketplace. The likelihood of increased costs of repair leading to an increased number of totaled vehicles was also a concern.  
It is apparent from the tone of the hearing this repair industry initiative will likely face insurmountable barriers to enactment in Minnesota, unless a compromise can be reached with the insurance industry.  
The 2019 efforts fell just short and now it is unclear whether IFM will re-engage in negotiations on the issue until a consensus policy is developed by the insurance industry at the national level.  
Clearly, the world of vehicle repair is changing quickly. AASP-MN will continue to seek clarity and equity for members who are committed to safely and properly repair the increasingly sophisticated vehicles on the road today. 
Source: AASP-MN

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