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Tuesday, 12 November 2019 22:02

Owners Plan to Rebuild After Fire Destroys a Body Shop in Branson West, MO

Written by Kadee Brosseau, KY3 News


Business owners in Branson West, MO, have plans to rebuild their auto body shop after an intense fire.


Hatcher Valley Auto Body has been in Stone County for about 27 years. People in the community call the business a vital part of their community.


"[The fire] was really big," John Plumlee said. "It just got so hot that it just went really quick."


Plumlee watched as fire filled Hatcher Valley Auto Body. As a friend to one of the owners and a fellow business owner, he says he understands what this loss means to owners Shawn Hatcher and Shane Bailey.


"I've known Shawn my whole life. He's done a lot of amazing stuff for a lot of people around here," Plumlee said. "This is his life, I mean, 20 something years, this is his way of making money."


The owners say two customer cars burned, lots of equipment was destroyed, and the building is a complete loss.


"All that stuff you use for auto body restoration is highly flammable," Southern Stone County Fire District Chief Keith Wolven said.


Chief Wolven says the fire was intense and moved fast.


"That's going to accent the fire, help it out, make it burn worse, make it burn different," Chief Wolven said.


Crews don't yet know what caused the fire, but friends and neighbors aren't waiting around: they're ready to step up and help the owners rebuild their business.


"We've got a whole crew ready to rock and roll. We are just waiting on the insurance to hopefully say we can go, touch it, pull out what we can salvage. Then, get this building down, get it flat, then figure out how we can build it back," Plumlee said.


He says when one of your own is down in Stone County, helping them up is just what you do.


"He's taken care of us all these years, we'll take care of him," Plumlee said. "People take care of people. That's the way it should be. There should be more of that everywhere."

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