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Friday, 25 October 2019 14:00

Deer Collisions on the Rise, KS Body Shops See Increase in Damaged Cars

Written by Lacey Williams, kake.com
Deer Collisions on the Rise, KS Body Shops See Increase in Damaged Cars kake.com

It's been a busy season at Flinthills Collision Center in El Dorado, KS.

Fourteen cars, including a Butler County Sheriff's car, were brought in after colliding with a deer.


Philip Moore, owner or Flinthills Collision Center, said he expects to see more damage before running season is over.


"They don't give you much warning when they come out of the tall grass, they're there," said Moore, "You have to think about a 175-225 lb. bowling ball coming at you at 70 miles an hour. It's pretty rough."


The collisions can not only come with costly repairs, but could cost a life.


 It's been eight years, but Nancy Corkill remembers the night she and her daughter were driving when a deer ran out onto the highway.


 "It took a minute to register at all what had happened because it happened so quickly," said Corkill," I had just glanced over at her for a second, and at that time the deer crossed the median so I hit it head on."


Officials advise to not swerve out of the way for a deer as this increases the driver's chance of hitting a tree or another car.


If a driver collides with a deer, Moore advises the driver to pull over and contact authorities.


We thank kake.com for reprint permission.


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