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300+ Cars Damaged by Hail at Osseo, WI, Dealership

Written by Stephen Kelley, WQOW News 18
300+ Cars Damaged by Hail at Osseo, WI, Dealership WQOW News 18

Hail on Monday, Aug. 5 caused plenty of damage at Osseo Automotive in Wisconsin.


Owner Nels Gunderson told News 18 more than 300 cars on the lot were damaged by the hail.


He estimates each car at 12 to 40 dents.


Luckily, the dealership was able to get roughly 100 cars under cover before the worst of the hail started falling.


Gunderson said this was one of the top-five worst hail storms he’s seen in his many years in business.


“It’s a setback, but insurance companies will come in tomorrow, we’ll get the estimates wrote. Some cars will be discounted, some cars will be sold as-is and we’ll show the customer exactly what it is. Others will be repaired and delivered from there and life goes on,” Gunderson said.


Gunderson said a lot of times they see an increase in sales after an incident like this because buyers know they can get a bargain.


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