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Urbandale, Iowa, Police Still Searching for Car Lot Thieves

Written by Jacob Peklo, We Are Iowa

A late-night break-in resulted in two cars being stolen from a service bay at a local car dealership.

But even as surveillance captured several helpful clues, police are still trying to track down who’s responsible.


Urbandale, Iowa, police have spent the past several days trying to figure out how exactly two thieves got away with two cars from the Charles Gabus Ford Body Shop in Urbandale. It’s been pretty difficult, but they have a lot of the pieces of the puzzle already in place. They’re just looking for those final missing links and they’re hoping the public can help them do that.”


“Entry had been made from the side door and the first vehicle, being the Ford F-350 was driven out through the service bay, then allowing access for the second vehicle to be driven out and away from the scene,” said Officer Holly Pickett with the Urbandale Police Department.


A drive-through theft carries with it plenty of clues. But figuring out who did it: that’s another issue. “People, unfortunately, have become more brazen in their efforts to steal vehicles.”


Still, security pictures show thieves unconcerned with getting caught. “No masks, nothing to cover their identity, very lack of consideration for what they were doing and the damage they caused.”


So far detectives have determined a man and woman committed the crime. But as they piece through tips, who they are is still a mystery. “By providing us with a name, a location of someone who you believe it might be, we can either rule them out as a suspect or garner them as a suspect as well.”


At this time, police will take any information, even if you’re not certain about it. “Without the public to assist us in saying, ‘I know who that person is, or I work with that person, or that person is my neighbor,’ it’s really those tips that help us solve those crimes.”


Those two thieves are facing burglary and auto theft charges among other things. If you have any information on where these people or cars may be, call Urbandale police or Crime Stoppers.


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