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Reliable Ride and Donated to the Carless

Written by Rebecca Stutts Hovater, Courier-Journal

Reliable transportation is a challenge for many.

For those living in bigger cities with access to public transportation, it’s not a big deal. But, for those outside of large, metropolitan areas, having a car can make all the difference.


The National Auto Body Council Recycled Rides program works with insurance companies, body shops, vendors and more to provide renovated cars to those who need it.


The body shops, parts vendors, paint shops and more donate their time, labor and equipment while repairing vehicles for the Recycled Rides program. State Farm partners with the National Auto Body Council to provide vehicles for the Recycled Rides program.


Eric Showalter, lead collision repair instructor at Washburn Institute of Technology in Topeka, KS, teaches students the skills needed in the car repair world. His shop works on cars for Recycled Rides recipients.


Students in the program get hands-on instruction from people in the car repair field. They also participate in the committee that reviews applications for the refurbished cars.


“We’re building hands-on skillsets for automotive technicians, but we’re also building community service, outreach and connecting them with student ambassadors,” Showalter said.


Once the car has been found and repaired, a recipient is chosen.


The council has a committee that works with at-risk youth from the foster care system in the area to determine good candidates for the “Recycled Ride.” Providing a car for someone who is underprivileged but hard working is empowering. It is a great way for the insurance and auto body industry to have an impact on a local community.


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