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NABC Golf Fundraiser Highlights Benevolence of Industry

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NABC President and CEO Bill Garoutte said NABC promotes “the benevolence of the collision repair industry.” NABC President and CEO Bill Garoutte said NABC promotes “the benevolence of the collision repair industry.” NABC


On June 3, the National Auto Body Council (NABC) held its Gateway Pars for Cars Golf Fundraiser at the Boone Valley Golf Club in St. Louis.

The fundraiser exceeded everyone’s expectations and went well, said NABC President and CEO Bill Garoutte.


“The committee that oversees this event did an outstanding job planning and coordinating with our host, Enterprise,” said Garoutte. “The property, service and staff were exceptional. The golfers and sponsors were really impressed with the facility as well as the ability to network.”


Over 90 golfers attended NABC’s fundraiser with another 35 sponsors and volunteers, comprised mostly of NABC staff and board members, also present. “All the feedback we’ve received has been positive,” Garoutte shared. “Sponsors got the level of exposure they had hoped for and golfers enjoyed the comradery on the course.”


Garoutte continued, “This event was different from other fundraising events NABC has held. There were no specialty elements—just pure golf. Boone Valley is an exclusive golf course, so it was a rare opportunity for golfers to play there.”


These types of events are important to NABC’s membership because “there’s value in the networking that occurs in a relaxed environment where people are able to develop personal relationships that may turn into business relationships down the road,” Garoutte said.


The event was held in order to raise funds to support NABC’s efforts and fulfill the organization’s mission on behalf of its members and the industry at large. Garoutte added, “We were able to expose attendees to one of our three initiatives: NABC Recycled Rides. People like to see what they’re funding when they support an organization like NABC. While we normally only gift one vehicle at a time, during the golf fundraiser, we gifted vehicles to three local individuals/families in need. NABC feels blessed to be able to help three very deserving veterans: Karen Cooksy, Adelita Ousley and Melvin Wright.”


When NABC gifts a vehicle, the process requires the involvement of eight to 15 entities who volunteer their time and resources. Garoutte said, “NABC is made up of partners from all facets of the industry, and NABC Recycled Rides offers them the opportunity to be local heroes in their markets where they live and work.

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