Friday, 15 March 2019 16:02

High Pothole Repair Costs Lead to Facebook Page Warning Drivers in NE

Written by Jenna Liston, FOX42

Pothole repair is a booming business right now for Omaha, NE, auto repair shops. Mechanics at Charlie Graham Great Plains Auto Body said if you hit one hard enough, fixing your damaged wheels and tires could cost you hundreds of dollars.


Because of all the potholes in Omaha, NE, mechanics said they have received around 15 to 20 orders over the past three weeks. The repairs are going to cost drivers a hefty price, ranging between $400--$800 per wheel.


"I think this is about the worst year I've ever seen," said Greg MCcary, who has worked as a mechanic for more than 40 years.


He said the majority of work orders he’s received over the past three weeks have been for pothole damage.


“You're talking $400 or $500 for a standard wheel," he said. "If you have one of the fancy wheels, they're closer to $700 or $800 per wheel.”


People around the city have taken matters into their own hands. Many have called the city to complain, but one man decided to create the "Potholes of OMAHA" Facebook page for people to post their pictures and videos.


"It’s kind of like an avenue for people to vent," said Ryan Brackett, creator of the page. "People can complain or show damage to their vehicle."


Brackett said it only took a month for the page to gain traction. He said he experienced around $1,200 of damages to make his car drive-able and complained to the city.


"I think this winter really exposed the city on how they maintain these roads," said Brackett. "You know, blaming the weather is really deflecting responsibility."


The page gives almost 3,000 followers the chance to warn one another about what is on the roads. Many of the photos and videos have been turned into memes to joke about how severe the damages are.


"You can say whatever you want to say; this is a voice for everybody," said Brackett.


Mechanics said that for now, the best way to try to avoid damaging your car from these potholes is to not brake right away and to slowly cross over them.


As of the afternoon of March 12, the city announced that the most recent closure for pothole repairs is the south lane in Elmwood Park. The closure was expected to be lifted sometime later evening.


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