Tuesday, 26 February 2019 19:00

St. Charles County, MO, Body Shops Stay Busy With Winter Weather

Written by Scott Connell, KSDK

While many businesses have struggled with each onslaught of winter weather, it's meant extra work for many auto body shops around the area.


Every time snow falls or ice glazes the roads, accidents litter the highway.


Many times, those cars end up at the body shop to have the pieces put back together. At Rick's Auto Body in St. Charles County, MO, they usually work on about 30 cars a week. This winter, Matt Rodewald said, they have an extra 10--15 cars each week with many already booked for the weeks ahead to have repairs made.


Rodewald said the most common damage is to the bumpers. He also noted that while the damage may look minor and only cosmetic, it's important to have it looked at by a professional to see if there is damage where you can't see it.


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