Saturday, 23 February 2019 00:11

Mankato, MN, Auto Body Shops Busy With Winter Fender Benders

Written by Nick Kruszalnicki, KEYC News 12

This seemingly endless winter has another unintended consequence. Crashes caused by slick roads are keeping auto body shops busy.


Jerry Kottschade, owner of Jerry's ABRA Auto Body and Glass in Mankato, MN, said, "Our business has been very, as we say, booming."


Just about every type of wreck has come into the shop.


"A lot of fender benders, a lot of curb-crunchers. Unfortunately, some serious hits too, but a lot of just small hits. People running into things," he said.


Body shop repairs can be costly. The average bill has been running around $3,100.


To avoid those expensive repairs, keep your car in good condition and drive safe.


"Make sure you got good tires on. A lot of them that have been in accidents, they needed to go to the tire store and buy some new tires. Second thing is, some of them are over-driving the conditions and some of them just plain get caught in a bad situation," Kottschade said.


If your car ends up in a wreck, choose a well-established body shop.


"See if it's a certified shop. Second of all, what kind of warranty do they got and stuff like that. The training of the technicians," he said.


Well-trained technicians are the backbone of any auto body facility.


"Technology of the car today is a whole lot different than it was five, 10, 15 years ago. You need a technician that understands electronics and drivability," Kottschade said.


Luckily, most of the drivers who brought their cars to Jerry's shop were not injured in their accidents.


"Most of the accidents are minor accidents and nobody's getting hurt. You can always replace tin; you can't replace flesh,” he said.


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