Friday, 22 February 2019 11:16

YANG Attracts 50+ Attendees to Regional Meet-Up in Grand Rapids, MI

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On Feb. 7, the Young Auto Care Network Group (YANG) hosted a Regional Meet-Up in Grand Rapids, MI.


According to Jonny Dykstra, general manager - foreign parts specialists of the Auto-Wares Group, the event sponsor, “The event was a great success! We had over 50 attendees under the age of 40 come and go throughout the evening. We had food, drinks, raffles, brewery tours, speeches from Todd (Leimenstoll, president and CEO of Auto-Wares) and JC (Washbish, YANG chair)---but the best thing to see was the networking between everyone. Not often do we have the chance to meet with such a diverse young group of professionals from our industry.


“All had a great time, and I think that is because we had such a well-mixed crowd. We had manufacturers, store managers, shop owners, service writers, technicians, Northwood students and a wide range of departments from Auto-Wares represented. All had a common goal: striving for the best possible future of our industry. These events also show how much fun our industry can be---shout-out to Founders Brewing for being such a good host for us!


“The more we can collaborate on trends, technology, logistics and ideas, the better our future will be! These events open the door to relationships being built at all levels of our industry.”


Dykstra believes YANG’s Meet-Ups are a great way to demonstrate to young industry professionals that “we’re all in this together, no matter what role you have in our industry,” he said. “Build connections, which helps everyone stay involved and grow. We all love the automotive aftermarket and want to see it thrive for decades to come. The next generation needs leaders, and coming together helps build relationships, but it also spurs desire to grow in our companies and industry. It often opens minds to just how big and real our industry is---how it takes so many different levels of service to take care of the end customer.


“The event was a great success and showed that companies like Auto-Wares are committed to the future of our industry, its diversity and well-being,” he said. “We are building leaders for the future. Individuals being involved in these events are frequently small steps that lead to big leaps in the advancement of their professional careers.”


For more information about YANG and its upcoming events, visit autocare.org/yang/.