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Cars Feel the Pain From This Winter as Body Shop Sees More Damaged Vehicles in IA

Written by Shawn Loging, ourquadcities.com/WHBF Local 4 News


Vehicles are feeling under the weather as this winter leaves them battered by the conditions on the roads.


It's happening as law enforcement continues to push the message to slow down on the snow-and-ice-covered pavement.


Iowa State Patrol told Local 4 News that in the six-county region, including Iowa Quad Cities, they've had nearly 270 stranded cars and 75 crashes since the beginning of the year.


In the whole state of Iowa, since the start of February through the 12th of the month, troopers have handled about 420 crashes.


Precision Collision Auto Body owner Todd Doss said, "Tedious. I mean, this job's not easy."


It's an art form to get broken cars restored.


Doss said, "We're repairing the damage to the right side here, a new wheel, fender, straightening the doors."


And mechanics are working overtime this winter.


Doss said, "[A] $4,600 job---it's not cheap to do this stuff."


Doss has a packed lot of cars in need of some TLC.


Doss said, "Takes quite a bit to push one of those wheels back like that. The door's shoved back into the other door."


Doss said this winter has been exceptionally busy with the damage being a bit more severe compared to normal by insurance company standards.


Doss said, "Been a lot of total losses. A little heavier on the hits this year. Some fender-benders, but a lot of total losses."


This damage isn't just caused by cars running into each other. It’s also caused by those times weather leaves people trapped.


Doss said, "Stuck in the snow and backing it back-and-forth, and the transmission went out of it."


The staff has to worry about more than just replacing parts and performing cosmetic work.


Doss said, "We get into them. Lift them out into the air. Make sure the suspensions are good and everything's safe."


And when it comes to a few of those total losses, Doss said, there's a chance they won't be back in his shop as insurance companies try to cut their losses.

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