Monday, 11 February 2019 23:59

Inclement Weather Keeps Auto Body Shops Busy in Northland, MN

Written by Katharine Huntley, FOX 21

Auto body shops around the Northland, MN, area were slammed with work as icy roads caused numerous crashes throughout the region on Feb. 4.


Ogston’s Body and Paint was in the midst of one of its busiest winter seasons in years.


“A lot of cars ended up in ditches and lots of fender-benders and rear-end hits and deer hits, a little bit of everything,” said Jamey Ogston, claims handler at Ogston’s Body and Paint.


The shop said it was scheduling cars to be fixed a month and a half out. The shop stressed to drive safely because five minutes of fast driving could cause drivers to be without their cars for up to five weeks.


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