Friday, 25 January 2019 22:07

Nagy’s Collision’s ‘Hit a Buck, Donate Some Doe’ Sees Increase from Previous Campaign in OH

During the fall and winter months, Nagy’s Collision Centers runs its annual “Hit a Buck, Donate Some Doe” campaign to benefit local charities.


Last year, 213 vehicles impacted by deer hits were brought to Nagy’s for repairs---an increase from 171 hits the year prior.


For every vehicle that was involved in a deer accident and repaired at one of Nagy’s Collision Centers’ 11 locations from Oct. 1—Dec. 28, 2018, Nagy’s had the drivers cast their vote for one of three charities.


The charities, which were selected by Nagy’s employees, were: Ohio Veterans Memorial Park, which took first place and was a $2,000 recipient; Christian Children’s Home of Ohio, which took second place and was a $1,500 recipient; and Haven of Rest, which took third place and was a $1,000 recipient.


“Each year, the months of October through December have the highest vehicle accident rates involving deer,” said Nagy’s Collision Centers President Ron Nagy. “Our goal at Nagy’s is to turn these unfortunate incidents into something positive while giving back to the local communities we are in.”


For more information on Nagy’s Collision Centers, visit www.nagys.com.