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MSO CMO Megan Williams Stresses Community Support in Marketing Efforts

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Chief Marketing Officer Megan Williams coordinates all of the marketing at Lefler Collision & Glass Repair Centers. Chief Marketing Officer Megan Williams coordinates all of the marketing at Lefler Collision & Glass Repair Centers.


The majority of these women were rescued from human or sex trafficking, were previously orphans or were in dire need of a job. By working at Love Loom House, each woman is taught various textile skills to create handmade blankets, scarves and travel bags. Reclaimed Lives International then brings the items to Evansville and sells the goods and sends back 82 percent of all proceeds, which provides food, shelter and a livable salary to all the women of Love Loom House. We incorporate this into our Lefler Collision locations by having blanket displays set up in each of our locations.


Q: Are there any new marketing approaches that you're going to embark on in 2019?


A: In 2019, I plan to focus the majority of my efforts on three things: geofencing, Facebook Live videos from our shops and search engine optimization. I also plan to find a way to better highlight and feature some of our team members on our social media platforms because I feel it is important that they get some of the recognition they so deserve. I think 2019 will be a very impactful year for the industry as changes take place with insurance companies, vehicle scanning technology and OEM certification programs, so those will be a top focus of mine as well.


Q: You're very successful with your social media; there are multiple posts, heavy engagement and a lot of photos and videos. Tell us why it's important and how you're so successful on Facebook.

A: Social media marketing was my first passion in college, and I was able to get a lot of good experience with content creation during an internship I held prior to joining the Lefler Collision & Glass team. Since 2015, when I joined, we have been able to grow our Facebook followers from 1,100 to almost 7,400 through a variety of methods.


The most important tips I can give for increasing your social media followers is to post regularly, interact promptly with your fans, and be sure to post about a variety of things (not everything has to be about wrecking your vehicle!). People will not “like” or “follow” a social media account that does not have at least a few months of regularly posted content. It makes the business appear as though it is not a priority for them or is an afterthought.

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