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MSO CMO Megan Williams Stresses Community Support in Marketing Efforts

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Chief Marketing Officer Megan Williams coordinates all of the marketing at Lefler Collision & Glass Repair Centers. Chief Marketing Officer Megan Williams coordinates all of the marketing at Lefler Collision & Glass Repair Centers.


Lefler Collision & Glass Repair Centers Chief Marketing Officer Megan Williams oversees all marketing efforts of the 66-year-old MSO, which has three locations in Indiana and one in Kentucky.


Autobody News recently interviewed Williams about how the company's marketing and advertising succeed in a highly competitive market.


Q: How have you devised a way to connect all of your marketing events to your philanthropy?


A: We are able to connect our variety of marketing events to our philanthropy because our core mission is to be a resource to the community in any way we can. We do not only support certain segments, but more of a variety of organizations and events because we want to see our city continue to grow and we want to assist where help is needed most. The least we can do is give back to the community that has supported us since 1952.


Q: How do you work with the local media to publicize these events?


A: When a significant event is approaching, I work with the local media by sending out a traditional press release to all of the radio, television and local paper connections. This is an excellent way to send out a 'heads-up' that Lefler’s is going to have something coming up. Around five days out from the event, I will get on our Lefler Collision Twitter account and personally tweet any of the local news reporters, radio personalities or reporters, and this is where I have seen a substantial increase in media turnout for our events. I think pairing the traditional method of the press release with the more modern approach of utilizing social media as a tool helps get their attention. We have had multiple news outlets at our events since implementing this strategy.


Q: Are you able to track your activity so that you know how many new customers you attract through these events and your other marketing efforts?


A: While there is no KPI available for us to track how our commitment to being an active member of our community [attracts new customers], we feel that the positive brand image, word-of-mouth and top-of-mind benefits help us when it comes to potential customers deciding where to take their vehicle.

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