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MI Secretary of State Targets Fraudsters, Scam Artists

MI Secretary of State Targets Fraudsters, Scam Artists Image courtesy MGN Online


Johnson also implemented training for branch staff to better spot fakes and tough new policies on canceling plates. Additionally, the department improved its technology for data analysis and tracking and its intra-agency sharing of data based on recommendations from the task force. As a result of the changes, the number of fraudulent insurance certificates submitted to the department has decreased.


The Office of Investigative Services launched in April 2015 to bring all investigative and regulatory enforcement services within the department into a unified operation. OIS is led by Darryl Hill, the retired former head of the Special Investigation Division of the Michigan State Police, and is committed to protecting the integrity of all Secretary of State programs and documents and investigating reports of fraud.


In 2017, Johnson introduced a toll-free telephone tip line for consumers to report fraud. Anyone who wants to pass on a tip about possible fraudulent activity involving driver’s licenses or other Secretary of State services is encouraged to call the Office of Investigative Services at 1-844-372-8356. Tips can also be emailed to sos-ois@michigan.gov.

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