Friday, 07 December 2018 11:40

Record Snowfall Keeps Auto Body Shops Busy as Drivers Collide in IL

Written by Brittany Toolis, MyStateline.com

The snowfall that took place on Nov. 25 set several records in Rockford, IL. It became the snowiest November day on record with 11.7 inches recorded at the airport at midnight.


November 2018 set the record for the most snow in November ever with a total of 15.6 inches throughout the month as of Nov. 26, not including what fell past midnight Nov. 25.


The heavy snowfall created hazardous driving conditions for travelers, a busy night for the Winnebago County Sheriff's Deputies and a busy Monday for local auto body shops.


"Since probably 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, we've been getting motorist assist calls, people sliding into the ditches, minor accidents," said Deputy Chief Dominick Barcelona. "We've been to dozens of them.


"We had a lot of our squads getting stuck, [and] a lot of the tow trucks that were going out were getting stuck; so yeah, it was not a good night to be driving.”


The snowy conditions turned traffic into bumper cars on the streets.


Tony Arbisi, vice president of Crash 1 off Alpine, said, "You'll see undercarriage damage [and] suspension damage. You'll see lower-bumper damage ... from driving over snow banks. Sometimes [it's] rims from impacting something hard on the other side. If it gets really bad, grills [and] head lamps. It depends on what they hit when they go off; it can go all the way into the hood."


A minivan got stuck Nov. 26 trying to enter Route 20 from Montague, causing several drivers to stop and help---one of whom got stuck himself.


Conner and Joanna Schexnayder, who were in a similar situation on Nov. 25, pulled over to help and get the stuck cars free.


"We have a shovel in the back of our truck. We had trouble getting home last night and got stuck twice, and we figured we could help," Conner said.


"If you live in the area, and you know what it's like to be stuck in the snow ... you want to stop and help everybody you can," Joanna agreed.


While the main streets in Rockford were cleared, the residential streets and rural roads were still an area of concern for drivers as of Nov. 26.


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