Wednesday, 14 November 2018 10:28

IL Body Shop Owner’s Passion for Cars Fuels Business

Written by Rebecca Susmarski, The Register-Mail
Jake Glasnovich, owner of Pete's Auto Body in Galesburg, IL, poses next to a car in the shop at 2345 Grand Ave. Jake Glasnovich, owner of Pete's Auto Body in Galesburg, IL, poses next to a car in the shop at 2345 Grand Ave. Rebecca Susmarski, The Register-Mail

Jake Glasnovich’s life has been full of love since he let his passion for cars “drive” his career.


Glasnovich, owner of Pete’s Auto Body at 2345 Grand Ave., grew up on the north side of Galesburg, IL, in the country, just a half-mile away from his future wife, Jessica. When he was 15, he started working so he could achieve his dream of buying a sports car. He soon saved up enough money to buy the 1993 Chevrolet Camaro that revved up his passion for automobiles.


Years later, Glasnovich sold one of his favorite cars, a 1995 Camaro, to buy Jessica an engagement ring and help the couple buy their first house. The good karma came back to him when Jessica later surprised him by buying him a 1997 anniversary edition Camaro.


Doing similar nice things for customers is the business model Glasnovich adopted and that he felt helped Pete’s Auto Body expand. Glasnovich has since grown his staff from six to 10 employees and remodeled the business’s front office to include a separate waiting area for customers.


“You need to make people feel you appreciate them, and I know that doesn’t always happen, but we feel like we do,” Glasnovich said. “If you do a good job for somebody, they’ll come back to you.”


Glasnovich got his start in the auto body business by launching Glasnovich Auto Body at 168 Linwood Road in 2011. In 2013, he bought Pete’s from Kenneth “Bud” Peterson, who started the business in 1965. At both Glasnovich Auto Body and Pete’s, Glasnovich continued the hard work he had started in his teenage years by working on weekends or sometimes until 1 or 2 a.m. on weeknights---“whatever it took to make a deadline,” Glasnovich said.


Just like when he bought the Camaro, the reward of seeing the business succeed was worth the work for Glasnovich.


“If you’re passionate about what you want to do and you’re willing to put all that extra effort in, you can make it work---you’ve just got to be willing to just get it done,” Glasnovich said. “You’ve really got to love your business to make it succeed.”


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