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St. Louis I-CAR Committee’s Job Fair Attracts 1,000+ Students

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Students visit WAC’s booth during the St. Louis I-CAR Committee’s 2018 Gateway Automotive and Collision Job Fair. Students visit WAC’s booth during the St. Louis I-CAR Committee’s 2018 Gateway Automotive and Collision Job Fair.


According to Slattery, this type of event is important to the industry because it provides an opportunity “to interview students for jobs in the automotive and collision industry, to promote the industry to prospective students at the schools and to promote the industry to local vocational and technical schools and colleges.”


The day began with guest speakers, followed by I-CAR tent interviews, lunch in the I-CAR tent and private interviews with the 36 sponsors who had booths and conducted interviews with students.


Jones pointed out, “For our partners, this is an opportunity to hire for immediate openings and to build a strong bench of potential employees.”


Students were given guides as a lasting reference.


Slattery explained, “In the guide, we list all the partners who were there to interview them. The students can network with them for future employment.”


Young noted, “As the students flooded in, there were several engaged discussions with employers looking for quality hires, which allowed for the students to also learn more about the industry roles they might not have been aware of during their studies.”


Participants responded favorably to the job fair. Garry Briscoe of Lake Career and Tech Center in Camdenton, MO, wrote to the St. Louis I-CAR Committee to express his gratitude: “I just wanted to thank you and the team that put together this year’s career fair. In class this morning, we reflected on what my students learned and experienced during our trip, and I was awestruck with the detailed responses that I received. My students were amazed at the resources utilized to put on the career fair and the actual race. Several mentioned that they had talked to crew members, who had confirmed what Antron Brown had stated about the power of being dedicated and having great work ethics. We had 42 students with us this time and at no point were there any discipline issues or lack of interest in why we were there. This is a life-changing event for many of my students. It expands their knowledge of the outside world, as we are from a rural area. Although I emphasize it, many of my students do not realize the true size and scope of our industry---this trip does wonders toward confirming that.”