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WAC Learns About St. Louis Community College Automotive Program

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WAC leaders pose with collision instructor Ken Neuman (rear) at South County Tech’s Option Night (WAC members pictured left to right: Shelly Jones, Sheena Wagner, Jess Crump) WAC leaders pose with collision instructor Ken Neuman (rear) at South County Tech’s Option Night (WAC members pictured left to right: Shelly Jones, Sheena Wagner, Jess Crump)


On Sept. 18, Women in Automotive and Collision (WAC) held its monthly meeting in the automotive department at St. Louis Community College – Forest Park in St. Louis, MO, featuring presentations by the department chair and a current student.


According to WAC Secretary Kelle Oeste, “This last meeting was one of my favorites. I enjoyed this meeting because I had never been to this campus before and was excited to see the facilities. I also enjoyed meeting the instructors and a current student, Lilly, who is young, passionate about the automotive industry and eager to fix problems on customers’ cars. I loved seeing her enthusiasm.”


The meeting began with Automotive Studies Department Chair Rick Anthes providing a presentation on the college’s program.


According to WAC President Shelly Jones, “We learned of events that he participates in and came away with a plan on how we can get involved. [Lilly] spoke to the group to give us insight on her journey. Our members feel like it is important to understand the challenges that a student, especially a female student, has in choosing an automotive vocation over other college degree offerings.”


WAC members were also excited that guests from all over the country attended their September meeting while they were in town for the St. Louis I-CAR Career Fair and NHRA races. During the open floor discussion, a guest, Lisa Fergusson of ABRA in Pennsylvania, shared information about industry career fairs that she coordinates and provided great tips in case WAC decides to host such an event in the future.


The meeting also included a recap of recent events in which the association has participated. Jones, along with WAC Sponsor Coordinator Sheena Wagner and WAC Vice President Jess Crump, manned a booth at South County Tech’s Option Night, and Crump and Wagner also hosted a WAC booth at Jefferson College’s Career Fair. WAC Treasurer Julie Hemann discussed WAC’s table and the success of their photo booth at the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Golf Tournament. The group also finalized plans for the St. Louis I-CAR Committee Career Fair on Sept. 21. Dinner was supplied by WAC Marketing Coordinator Sarah Young of Original One Parts.

WAC’s September meeting kicked off a school circuit that the association has begun. Each meeting through January will be held at a different school with an automotive or collision department.


Jones explained, “Our plan is to understand the programs available, learn how we can support the program and instructors, hear from at least one current student and encourage students to become WAC members at no charge.”


WAC’s October meeting will be held on Oct. 16 at South County Technical High School. WAC will meet at Lewis and Clark Career Center in November. The group’s December Christmas Gala will be held at V8 Speed and Resto Shop, and its January meeting will take place at Ranken Technical College.


For more information on WAC, visit the group’s Facebook page.

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