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Indiana Tops U.S. in Road Rage Fatalities

Written by Jim Chapman | The Journal Gazette, Fort Wayne, IN
Indiana Tops U.S. in Road Rage Fatalities The Journal Gazette file photo


Police called the incident road rage, but Wingfield and Maze said this incident likely wouldn't have been included in Auto Insurance Center's study because there was no crash.


Road rage or not, “aggressive driving is a problem,” Wingfield said. “Road rage happens after aggressive driving.”


Following too closely, improper lane changing, failure to yield and excessive speed are among aggressive driving behaviors and major causes of fatal crashes, Wingfield and the officers said.


The Auto Insurance Center report said there could be differences in how states report and define aggressive driving.


California, for example, had only one fatal crash in 2016 that involved road rage or aggressive driving, the report said. Twenty-one states had no crashes related to road rage or aggressive driving, it said.


Galaviz said although the report was “surprising and disappointing,” it showed how aggressive Indiana is in investigating and reporting such crashes.


“As an agency, we take pride in doing a thorough investigation,” he said of the state police.


To see the Auto Insurance Center report, click on this URL: https://www.autoinsurancecenter.com/american-road-rage.htm


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