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Andy’s Auto Group To Relocate to Former Rothman Building in Alton, IL

Written by Jill Moon, The Telegraph
A rendering of Andy’s Automotive Group’s new signage, illustrated by Arrow Signs, will be installed at the former Rothman Furniture building at 3001 Washington Ave., off of Homer Adams Parkway, in Alton, IL. A rendering of Andy’s Automotive Group’s new signage, illustrated by Arrow Signs, will be installed at the former Rothman Furniture building at 3001 Washington Ave., off of Homer Adams Parkway, in Alton, IL.


Andy’s Automotive Group owners Mark and Diane Anderson planned to build a new facility on Godfrey Road---which would have taken the company to Godfrey---but were happy to announce they are relocating their business just off of Homer Adams Parkway, at 3001 Washington Ave., in Alton, IL, in the former Rothman Furniture building, the Andersons said. 

Currently, Andy’s Tire and Auto has been operating at Alton Square Mall and Andy’s Auto Body at 3444 E. Broadway, but the move will put both of those locations under one roof.

“Working with Godfrey Mayor Mike McCormick was a great experience. We thank him for his patience and understanding of this opportunity presenting itself to us. He’s been very understanding of our needs,” Mark said. “Customers can expect the same quality care and service they’ve grown accustomed to. We are bringing the same trusted technicians and service advisors, George and Jan.”

All of Andy’s Automotive Group’s customer service warranties transfer to the new Andy’s Tire and Auto location. The telephone number remains the same as the number customers have been calling: 618-465-6272.

“The city is working with us to expedite the required business permits,” Anderson said about phase one of Andy’s Automotive Group’s move first relocating Andy’s Tire and Auto. “I talked to Alton Mayor Brant Walker. They have the architectural drawings, which are required, and he said they will prioritize getting permits.”

Currently, Andy’s Tire and Auto at Alton Square Mall occupies 10,000 square feet, Andy’s Auto Body occupies 22,000 square feet with six buildings and the Rothman building is almost 35,000 square feet.

“This move consolidates our business from two locations. With the body shop being here, it’ll be much more productive all in one place,” Anderson explained to The Telegraph about the new high-traffic location.

Months ago, Rothman Furniture first indicated that Art Van Furniture could take over former Rothman spaces when it closed its greater St. Louis area locations. However, obviously Art Van did not take over the Alton space and held grand openings of five St. Louis stores over Memorial Day weekend. Last November, Art Van Furniture announced a franchise partnership with the Rothman Furniture retail family. Locations included in the franchise agreement were Affton, Bridgeton, Richmond Heights and O’Fallon, all in Missouri, and Fairview Heights, IL, according to Art Van Furniture’s website.

Renovation on Andy’s Automotive Group’s new building started immediately, such as exterior and interior painting that Anderson undertook himself. Anderson hired union labor for all other aspects of the building’s renovation with Jun Construction for the overall build-out and construction; Camp Electric for all electrical service; and Kane Mechanical for heating/cooling, plumbing and fire protection. Arrow Signs & Outdoor Advertising Inc. in Godfrey helped with signage and other efforts.

Andy’s Auto Body’s move to Washington Avenue from Broadway, where the Andersons own the buildings and property made up of six parcels at about 4,000 to 5,000 square feet each, will be phase two of the Andy’s Automotive Group relocation. Each parcel’s building has an office and bathroom, and eventually those parcels will be for sale.

“I will do some freshening up and painting, but basically those are ready to move in,” Mark said.

The group’s phase two move of Andy’s Auto Body is expected to be complete by no later than summer’s end, Anderson said. Emissions testing will not be interrupted due to precise coordination in accordance with the state of Illinois’ guidelines.

Currently, at Andy’s Tire and Auto on the Alton Square mall back-lot, 180,000 vehicles a year drive by, according to a study, whereas a traffic study of Homer Adams Parkway and Washington Avenue determined that 12.9 million vehicles a year drive by.

“I don’t know how to forecast that into sales, but I think it’ll be significant,” Anderson noted. “It’s an attention-grabbing spot at Homer Adams Parkway. This location is a win-win for all of our customers being that it is located directly between our current locations.”

Andy’s Tire and Auto, at the mall for the last six years, started doing emission inspections to bring awareness of the business and its location at the mall, which it will continue almost uninterrupted.

“The state told us that emission inspections would bring 16,000 cars a year. That’s about how it worked out and why we started doing that at the tire and auto mall location,” Anderson explained about why the business began emissions testing, which brings little to no revenue. “Many of those people who came to us for that said, ‘I didn’t know you were here.’”

All 27 of Andy’s Automotive Group’s employees will work at the new location. Andy’s Automotive Group is part of the CARSTAR franchise, but operates independently. The privately owned auto body business joined the group to improve its buying power, for example in purchasing paint and allied products such as sanding materials and vehicle insurance information.

“In another year or so, we hope to add up to seven employees, so we are expecting to add jobs and continue to help the city with sales tax receipts, which is significant,” Anderson said. “It’s like moving into a new house. It takes time to get everything in place.”

Andy’s Automotive Group expects to have a soft opening at the end of June and a grand opening at the end of phase two, expected approximately at the end of August.

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