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Cliff’s Auto Body and Glass in Adrian, MN, Represents New Chapter

Written by Karl Evers-Hillstrom, The Globe
Steve (left) and Cliff Lynn are pictured outside of Cliff's Auto Body & Glass in Adrian, MN. Steve (left) and Cliff Lynn are pictured outside of Cliff's Auto Body & Glass in Adrian, MN. Karl Evers-Hillstrom / The Globe


“Being in this business for 39 years, I just felt like it was time to pass the torch to Cliff,” Steve said. “He was my number one go-to guy. When I was out on the road repairing, he was here working at the shop, which gave him a good start to do office work and deal with customers and insurance companies.”

Steve will continue to do some repairs for dealerships and shops as Dent Works.

Cliff, meanwhile, is now firmly planted in the driver’s seat. It’s gone smoothly so far, but he’s learned that managing the shop and doing his own repairs is a difficult balance at times. Recently, Cliff found himself spending four hours to replace a bumper on a Chrysler PT Cruiser---typically a 30-minute job---as a constant flurry of phone calls from customers and insurance adjusters provided plenty of distraction.

“I’d rather be on the floor, doing the work,” Cliff said. “I find myself doing the office stuff after hours and try to be on the floor doing the repairs during business hours.”

Dent Works received a lot of positive feedback in part because Steve made sure to clean the outside and inside of vehicles he worked on, even leaving the wheels squeaky clean and vacuuming crumbs off of the seats.

“Especially when we put a new bumper on, I can’t stand letting a vehicle go where there’s one clean part of the car and the rest goes on dirt,” Steve said. “That drives me insane.”

Steve has long relied on word-of-mouth referrals to promote his business. When a hailstorm hit Sioux Falls, SD, a few years ago and the local shops were occupied, Dent Works got new customers, who then turned into more customers when they told their friends.

“It’s like a domino effect,” Steve said. “There’s no better advertising than customer satisfaction.”

Cliff has continued that strategy and, so far, he’s happy with the results.

“Right now I've got myself and two technicians, and there's not a time of day when any of us are standing around looking for something to do,” Cliff said. “The customer base has been incredibly supportive. Even with the change of ownership, they continually come back.”

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