Tuesday, 17 April 2018 14:33

Vehicles Damaged in Western Iowa After Hailstorm

Written by Staff, WOWT

While the snow has been marching in the path of the severe weather from April 13, western Iowa is tallying losses from high winds and hail.

Atlantic, IA, saw extensive wind damage to some recreational vehicles.

Pictures of turbulent skies have also surfaced.

Some areas got pelted with hail from pea-size to golf ball-size.

The hail hammered Oakland, IA, for about an hour.

Debbie Keast said, “It started raining and then hailing, and the hail was for a good hour. It just wouldn't stop."

Keast's home had a window broken by the hail. She also owns a car dealership that took a hit.

“I'm estimating about $2,000 to $4,000 per vehicle worth of damage," she said.

Harlan, IA, saw parts of the ground covered with ice.

And Emerson witnessed the beginning of a funnel cloud that, fortunately, couldn’t find the ground.

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