Friday, 23 February 2018 09:57

Illinois Bill Aims to Require Customer Consent for Non-OEM Parts

Written by Katherine Coig, glassBYTEs.com

Illinois Rep. Linda Chapa LaVia has introduced an amendment to the state’s Insurance Code and Automotive Collision Repair Act that would prohibit the use of non-OEM aftermarket parts in an auto repair estimate unless the customer provides written consent.

The bill would also require auto repair facilities to follow OEM repair procedures.


The proposed amendment aims to require that:


“No estimate may include the use of a non-original equipment manufacturer aftermarket crash parts unless authorized by the customer in writing;” and


“The estimate shall include the use of repair specifications by the original equipment manufacturer for those parts, and no repair facility or installer may use repair specifications or procedures that are not in compliance with the original equipment manufacturer for those parts unless authorized by the customer in writing.”


In addition, HB 4926 also underscores that no repair shop or technician may complete a repair that deviates away from the OEM’s specifications for the given part unless the customer has given authorization in writing and is fully aware of the difference between the OEM and aftermarket part.


Current state law already prohibits insurers from specifying a non-OEM part for an insured’s auto repair. Similarly, repair shops and technicians are not allowed to use aftermarket parts unless the customer is advised of it writing.


Under the Automotive Collision Repair Act, repair shops are required to disclose to the customer whether the part used in the repair is old, new or aftermarket---the amendment only aims to require a customer’s written consent to use a non-OEM part.


The bill has been referred to the Rules Committee.


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