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Springfield, MO, Auto Body Shops Slammed with Business

Written by Brea Douglas, OzarksFirst.com

If there's anything the bad weather has taught us recently, it's that Mother Nature can put a beating on our cars.

The day after the Super Bowl Sunday winter blast, Hammer's Autoworks said it received 20 drop-offs from tow-ins.


"This last storm was Super Bowl Sunday. Everybody was out and about celebrating the game and going to different places, so there was a lot more traffic on the road even though the weather was happening. So as a result of that, we're seeing a very strong surge," said Aaron Bruton of Hammer's Autoworks.


By “strong surge,” Bruton is referring to the parking lot full of cars needing repairs after taking a toll from the arctic blast.


"It's always a boost for sure. We're going to see the suspension hits that people, unfortunately, get into ditches and hit curbs," said Bruton.


The day after the storm, more than a dozen cars poured in needing work.


"As of noon, I think we had 20 drop-offs from tow-ins. It was a pretty big, active morning for us in particular," said Bruton. "Guys stay late [and] come in early. Some guys come in weekends. We try and develop some shifts that try and accommodate the surge as best we can.”


The priority right now is to repair the cars that aren't drivable.


"If it's very minor damage---scuffs, scratches, those types of things---we're seeing several weeks in some cases for wait times," said Bruton.


And while we still have six weeks of winter weather left, Bruton advises to always leave at least three car lengths between you and the car in front of you during icy weather.


He also says to never slam on your brakes.


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