Thursday, 18 January 2018 16:57

Auto Tech Program Enhancements to Come to Minnesota West Tech College

Written by by Staff, The Globe

Minnesota West Community and Technical College in Jackson, MN, announced the introduction of two new program enhancements in Automotive Technology and Power Sports Technology, to begin in fall 2018.


Recognizing the industry needs to fill technical positions more rapidly, the college is prepared to deliver a new model of training that will shorten the time in college and decrease the overall cost of the training program. Under the accelerated education model, prepared students will be enrolled in college for just two semesters (one academic year), then be ready to begin their new career.


The new enhanced program plan is based on the required outcomes of the Auto Service Technician (AST) model of the National Automotive Technical Education Foundation (NATEF) certification program. The focus of instruction in the new model will include a more concentrated schedule to enhance mechanical and electronics skill development. Graduates need to be ready to be productive technicians as soon as they hit the industry site. Strong mechanical skills and comprehensive diagnostic skills are paramount to meeting the needs of industry partners.


The transportation industry continues to face a technician shortage as more technicians are reaching retirement age. As the baby boomers are retiring out, it is imperative that college programs work to prepare new technicians to enter the field and that these new technicians are ready to be productive employees right away. As these new technicians develop their technical skills, industry training will be provided to continue to adapt to the changing work environment of the future.


Under this new training model, students will experience more lab-focused activities that embrace industry certifications and specialty technical skills included in the NC3 programs. These skills are all defined by industry associations that support the technical skill standards required across the transportation industries.


Additionally, during the fall 2018 semester, Minnesota West will offer student housing on the Worthington campus with transportation options to the Jackson campus.


For further information on the new programs and enrollment information, contact Minnesota West at 1-800-658-2330.


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