Monday, 15 January 2018 13:27

Cooper Color, Inc. Body Shop Supplies Offers Services in St. Louis

Cooper Color. Inc. has been providing quality painting services since 1997, when the founder, David Cooper, acquired the former Gravois Auto Paint & Supply Co., which had been in business since 1935. 

Cooper Color, Inc. is a PPG Platinum Distributor that specializes in automotive, custom, commercial, industrial, and aerospace coatings.

Cooper Color also offers aircraft primer and topcoats. The primer and topcoats used provide resistance to the corrosion, rain or chemicals that the aircraft may come in contact with.

Cooper Color, Inc. also has body shop supplies at its St. Louis auto body shop.  Technicians at Cooper Color receive the best training there is on body shop repairs in order to have the knowledge and expertise needed to get its customers back on the road again after an unfortunate accident occurs. 


Cooper Color, Inc. uses Deltron automotive finish on all automotive refinishes in North America.