Thursday, 05 October 2017 21:54

CARSTAR All Line Builds Business, Relationships through Partnership with IL Honda Dealership

For CARSTAR All Line, a Honda ProFirst Certified facility that repairs some 15 to 20 Honda vehicles each month, maintaining strong relationships with local Honda dealers is essential to its business and for the Honda dealers who send their customers to CARSTAR All Line for repairs.


"We want to make the dealership feel confident that their customers will have a positive and seamless experience when they send them to us, a Honda ProFirst Certified facility," said Teresa Kotick, owner of CARSTAR All Line.  "We will help them ‘protect their brand,’ which will ultimately lead to loyal customers and repeat business for that dealership. This is definitely a ‘win-win’ partnership." 


As part of this initiative, CARSTAR All Line recently catered a lunch for the staff at the Honda Superstore of Lisle, IL. Some 40 employees enjoyed the lunch from Tailgaters of Bolingbrook.  The buffet lunch included their savory Cajun Chicken Pasta. 


It was a very busy day at one of the largest Honda dealerships in the Chicagoland area, so most of the staff ate lunch at their desks. However, they all found time to send their heartfelt appreciation to CARSTAR All Line of Bolingbrook.

"It's good to know that Honda customers have a place to bring their cars for repair so close to our dealership," said Tim Korallus, owner/manager of Honda Superstore of Lisle.  "We are looking forward to our tour of the shop."