Thursday, 13 July 2017 11:43

CARSTAR 76 Helps Local Youth Group Raise Money for Youth in Malawi, Africa

Grand Rapids, MI (July 10, 2017) -- CARSTAR 76 Collision in Grand Rapids, MI teamed up with the Frontline Bible Church Youth Group to hold a Car Wash Fundraiser on June 10. The money raised helped a youth group in Malawi, Africa.


CARSTAR 76 provided the location, all the necessary supplies, and the “know-how” while Frontline provided the mission, the drive and the volunteers, youth and parents. Frontline Bible Church Youth Group made $1,000 with its car wash, which will support the Youth Group in Malawi. The Malawi Group is now starting its own "youth group supporting" car wash business following the success at CARSTAR 76.

For more photos from the event, visit the CARSTAR 76 Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/carstar76/.

CARSTAR 76 offers its body shop and experience to area nonprofits so they can run successful fundraising car washes. It created a map of the facility noting traffic flow and wash stations, tickets that they can pre-sell, an SOP showing the number of volunteers at each station, the tools the nonprofits will need and the tasks they will perform. CARSTAR 76 offers to promote and pre-sell tickets if they would like Facebook posts they can share.

For more information about CARSTAR 76, visit its website at https://www.carstar.com/carstar76.