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Thursday, 13 April 2017 15:08

Midwestern Lawmakers Consider Proposed Collision Repair Legislation

A number of bills impacting collision repairers have been introduced in state legislatures throughout the Midwest this year.

A bill (SF 74) in Minnesota would clarify the state’s list of unfair claims settlement practices to include failure of an insurer to assume all costs for loss of use of a vehicle, including rental car reimbursement.


In Indiana, proposed legislation (HB 1559) would have extended to third-party claimants the same right "to approve the type of body parts used to repair a motor vehicle" currently spelled out in state law for first-party insureds. But the bill failed to make it out of committee by a legislative deadline.


An Illinois Senate committee in March gave a “do pass” recommendation to a bill (SB 1694) (opposed by the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Illinois) that would require a company imposing vehicle storage fees to provide the fee schedule to not only the owner of the vehicle but any lienholder on the vehicle as well.


In Michigan in March, Sen. Joe Hune introduced a bill (SB 291) prohibiting an insurer from requiring a shop “to use a specific vendor or process for the procurement of parts or other materials.”