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Washington County Body Shops Swamped After I-41 Pileup

Written by Brandon Rook, WTMJ

Washington County Pile Up Damage


The snowstorm on March 14 contributed to many accidents on the roads in Washington County, WI, leaving the county busy, particularly after a pileup on I-41 involving 60 cars.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to 300 traffic incidents that day. And the snow events are putting pressure on local auto body shops.


Melanie Patenaude, a manager at D&M Auto Body in Slinger, said they received quite a few cars from March 14th's madness.


"For now, they're just kind of sitting; when it started snowing, it was like dead quiet for a whole half of the day and as soon as it started calming down a little, that's when the phone started ringing and people started showing up with their cars," Patenaude said.


And drivers are currently waiting to figure out if their cars are drivable or junk.


"Sometimes it goes pretty quick and sometimes it can take a little time," she said.


But it all depends on when insurance companies figure everything out.


"It takes at least two to three days just to get all the insurance information figured out, and from there, we figure out if they're going to be repairable or not," Patenaude said.


They're expecting at least eight cars so far. Patenaude said things like this take time; even though there have between five to 10 cars from Monday's accidents, they could possibly receive many more over the next few weeks.


"I'm sure it's just going to grow and grow as the days go by. Most of the stuff we've been seeing so far isn't too bad. So it can be fixed but that's what we want to do is fix them," she said.


Part of I-41's southbound lanes were closed the night following the snowstorm in order to remove four tractor trailers from ditches.


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