Thursday, 19 January 2017 08:51

Auto Repairers Explain Importance of Cleaning Cars After Ice and Snow Storms

Written by Jalyn Souchek, Reporter, KWWL-TV, Waterloo, Iowa

An Iowa City auto body shop owner says it's important to clean cars immediately following storms that salt or brine are used on. If not, you run the risk of allowing that to corrode its metal.

"You see that white powder after snowstorms that collects on the underside of the car and that can start corrosion on the exhaust system, break line," said Chuck Smith, owner of Chuck Smith Body Shop in Iowa City.


He says just by washing the car afterwards with water, taking special detail to the underneath portion where metal is more exposed, can prevent future rusting.


Otherwise, bigger problems can happen.


"The biggest safety issue is having the salt sit on break lines because they are metal and they are corrosive so if you lose break fluids through break lines, that's very dangerous," he said.


This is a problem he sees frequently, and that particulary affects drivers in the Midwest.


"Rust is a real problem on cars," Smith said. "We're in the area of the United States called the rust belt and then when you add salt to that it becomes real acidic."


Once rust develops, there is no easy fix. He says what's rusted must be replaced, which can be even more expensive.


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