Tuesday, 03 January 2017 10:49

IA Body Shops Busy After Snowy Weekend

Written by Shirley Descorbeth, KWWL

Body Shops Busy MW

Photo credit: KWWL

After a snowy mid-December weekend, many drivers are going to auto body shops in hopes of repairing their cars.

"We've had a zoo this morning because of the collisions over the weekend," said Dan Steffens, owner of Toys Done Right Body Shop in Dubuque, IA.


They're taking care of several damaged cars. "Slid in the ditch, got rear-ended, rear-ended someone, roads were slick, couldn't get stopped....as one nurse told me, 'We're doing triage,'" said Steffens.


The slick roads and drifting snow caused some authorities to issue travel advisories warning people not to drive. Some didn't take heed of that precaution.


One of the cars has front end damage. The owner is still waiting on an estimate, but it'll probably set them back about $5,000.


"Probably will be totaled. It doesn't look like much damage but there's a lot of structural integrity problems that have to be fixed properly," Steffens said.


The owner there tells me his number one advice for drivers during this weather is to get winter tires.

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