Tuesday, 22 November 2016 15:56

Auto Shops See Increase in Deer Collisions

Written by Amber Smith, StJoeChannel.com

deer crash


ST. JOSEPH, Mo.  Local auto body shops are busy this time of year thanks to mother nature.

What a lot of the cars have in common is the cause of the damage.


"We have seen a lot of cars impacted by deer. It's always around this time of year, especially when it gets colder," said Jeremy Eaton with Collision Repair Specialist.


It's mating season for deer, which means drivers will see more and more running across the roads.


To avoid accidents, law enforcement want people to drive with extra caution.


"If you're able to, use your high beams to see the eyes of the deer because they'll light up," said Officer Matt Kneib with the St. Joseph Police Department.


Damage to cars ranges significantly, but many have expensive repairs.


"You can go all the way from your front bumper let's say to completely totaling the car. They can do some serious damage. It depends on where they impact you at and how fast you are going, so if you are going 70 mph, you're going to do some serious damage if you hit something that is lean muscle like a deer," said Eaton.


"A deer can cause a substantial amount of damage because if you figure a 150 to 250 lb animal striking your vehicle at 70 mph, it's going to cause quite a bit of damage," said Officer Kneib.


Officer Kneib says it is important to driver slower and use your brights when driving through wooded areas at night and pay attention to your speedometer.


"Watch your speeds because if you're traveling at a lower speed, obviously you can react faster to that if a deer comes out or something," said Officer Kneib.


The most common time to hit a deer is between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m.



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