Wednesday, 12 October 2016 15:05

Body Shops and Insurance Companies Booking Up Fast After the Storm

Written by Gordon Severson, WKOW

MADISON (WKOW)-- The storm itself was fast, only lingering in Madison's west side for a few minutes, but the damage it left behind will keep body shops and insurance companies busy for several weeks to come.

"This is pretty much the worst one we've seen for about five years," ABRA Auto Body and Glass Customer Service Manager Scott Ackerman said.


More than a hundred people have called or emailed the ABRA Odana Road location looking for estimates. Ackerman said the phone has been ringing nonstop since the storm ended.


"We usually stop answering the phones around 5:30. I was here until after six and the phones were still going off," Ackerman said.


Ball Body Shop in Middleton was busy as well. Technicians there spent most of September 20 hammering out dents. Shop managers say you should call sooner rather than later. They say the sooner you call, the sooner they'll get to your vehicle.


"Right now we're booking to the first of the month already, and that's filling up pretty fast," Ackerman said.


American Family Insurance customers have already filed more than 420 auto claims and 260 property claims. Adjusters are expecting to see close to 3,000 claims when everything is all said and done.


"As the week goes on, we'll get more calls trickling in when people realize how my neighbor had storm damage and I should call in my claim too," American Family Insurance Spokeswoman Linda Wagener said.


To help them address all of these claims, Wagener says the company plans to set up a drive-thru claim center on Madison's west side. They're still narrowing down a location for this center, but they expect to have things up and running soon.


"You may see our sign or our RV at a site, but you just can't drive in. You need to make an appointment so we can get you through promptly in a timely manner," Wagener said.


To file a claim with American Family Insurance, call 1-800-MY-AMFAM.


Customers with other insurance companies should contact their representatives as soon as possible to file a claim.


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